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Don't side

Don’t side with the woman in black. She will make your heart race and haunt your dreams. She will diminish your beauty and tarnish you in lies. She will make you needy, desperate, and reliant on possible loves. She will push you off the ledge and drag knives across your skin.

Never side with the woman in black. She will lay you on hospital beds and put blood taps in your hands. She will lock you in isolating rooms and paralyze you with sadness. She will push and shove loved ones down the drains and build a steel wall around you.

Don’t ever side with the woman in black. She will convince you to fuck men for money, and she will make you run red lights. She will force cocaine upon you and make you spend hundreds on a hotel room. She will make you behave recklessly and dangerously, and she will tell you to have unprotected sex. She will try top end your life while you carry life inside you, and she will completely and utterly destroy your world.

Don’t side with the women in black. But the woman in black is who?

And what do you do when the woman in black is living inside of you?

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