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In love, once again

Please, please don’t abandon me. Don’t fly, don’t leave, don’t flee. What about our love, if we even had that. That shared moment, that touch, that kiss, it was a bestowment. Yes, that moment, in which we had many, have you forgotten? Or is your memory just rotten? Liquidized, disappeared, soaked up in absorbent cotton. I remember every day, every day since you left, I’m obsessed, maybe, I admit I’m unsure, but I remember the contour of you, our obscure nights, you taught me the word ‘allure’, as we lay together one last time. Why cant I grasp that maybe at last, after one year, you’ve moved on, met someone new, loosened the screw, while I’ve been struggling this whole time to push through, run through, see through, the cloudy hazy delusions of my mind that keep me ever so fucking hooked tightly on you.

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