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I’m leaving, I’m fleeting, and my heart is beating at the thought that I ought to be succeeding. Breeding, and uniting, our measures of success are highlighting that people see an offspring and a wedding ring as those sort of things that make the meaning of life as straight forward as a shoe string. But shoe strings can bend and fold, and as I breathe in and move into downward dog and hold, I praise myself for wanting much more, I want better than rings of gold. More than a baby to hold. I’m striving for inner peace first and last, I’m travelling all over the world making each present moment better than the past, and what a beautiful contrast. Your life isn’t wrong or right, and nor is my own, but I woke up one day and I realised my mind was blown, and I had always known. I was to always take the alternative path in life, and before I was even aware during those times I was heading down a road to nowhere, I was indeed heading somewhere. I am heading somewhere, I’m never stopping, never fading, never changing.

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