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The young way life

The soft breeze swept across my face as I lied there in the glorious, green field and triggered an automatic smile.

It was so quiet. So beautiful.

This is it. This is what we love, this is what we desire! This is what we wish to hold onto forever.

The sun blazed down on us, I could feel the warmth on my eyelids, and then I opened them, turned my head, stretched over for his hand, and embraced it firmly.

‘Forever’ I said.

It can all become easy when you find something that captures yours heart, maybe pure love at first sight? Maybe something that has grown on you in time?

It can be easy to remain peaceful and you can enjoy its being, it pulls you through thick and thin.

What is there to be afraid about here? This is heaven, this is what you make it, and I make it exactly that, nothing less. I will love every second of this moment, every inch of grass that taps my skin in the wind, every second of anything and everything.

I drag my feet across the lively Town Center, I stroll around with a grin on my face I didn’t know I had, hands in pockets, hair dancing in the wind. Some people look at me bizarre, some, just smile back. Businessmen wrapped up to the neck in suits, shining, pointy shoes and brief cases, and stupid ties, glare at me like dirt. Just to say ‘Your using up too much of this path, walk on the road, I am late for a meeting’ they think their way up there, but they are really nothing worth sweating over. I smile harder to show my teeth, as if to say back ‘I got everything you do not have, so, after you.’

The freedom, the bliss, no care in the world. Can we all stay placid? Money is nothing when you have a love for things in the world that are free. We cannot and will not let anyone get us down, what gives them the right? Plus what feeble-minded person will let them dominate and take over their emotions?

Is there more to freedom then we think there is? Is there something freer then our thoughts running chaotic like ants on acid? Then acting those thoughts and demonstrating them to the world? Alternatively, is freedom, simply just what we hope it to be?

My sense of angelic freedom.

Summertime, fresh, clear air whistling around the trees, white butterflies dancing around in duets, the sun’s rays dispensing happiness within its warmth, and a beautiful sense of belonging and pure comfort. Laughter from all around you from unknown faces that elevate a smile on your own. Laughing, harmonizing, dancing, playing, being, together, as, one.

Those warm arms around mine, jerking me gently inwards. Soft, full lips, pressing against my forehead and that one, only one, recognizable scented breath, which then tickled my ear. Smiling for no reason, just because you are here, and this life, your life, is all yours and it can be whatever the fuck you want it to be.

A cup of tea the morning after that soothes the headache, and the sun creeping through closed curtains and reflecting off those unwashed dishes, stabbing you in the eye. A drag on that rollie and taking in as much as you can, like this could possibly be your last drag ever. Then slowly, breathing out, breathing out every last bit, and then a deep breath in of satisfaction.

A dance, a sway, a swig of that cold corona and lime. Everything’s fine, you gaze across the room. There it is. The natural, dazzling light that wakes up the room, it nods its head with its eyes fastened, and pulsates to the beat. Everything is not fine, everything is completely and utterly perfect.

Grasping hold of new and unknown opportunities with both hands, having the power to change your path, and countless others. The chance to think or feel whatever we like, and to project this onto others and build a force of people who share one belief and together, provide this belief with the world, to change things for only the better.

Free parties, a beach lit up with sun glistened faces, foul, grimy, underground clubs, unknown cities and art all over the walls, doors, phone boxes and the floors, fashion exhibitions, and obscure carnivals.

Always remembering the time you saw those men on tall stilts, swirling around you, and those women plastered in bizarre, fluorescent makeup which aggravates your brain into thinking this is all real, while everybody else around you is ingesting fire and juggling knifes so close to your fragile body!

This juvenile, carefree life will not last long and before we know it, it is pushed and driven into the deserted past. Next, we are raising a family, becoming a proud parent and paying out money you thought you never had, but surely if we can truly believe that we can make anything happen, then we can stay this age, this exhilarated forever, because we just can, and there is no one to suspend us.

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