Faithfully Unfaithful

Tiptoe quietly, fuck society, developing severe anxiety, she hits hearts violently, whispering romance silently, and the light at the end of the tunnels looking sweet and brightly. Then you rode in on your whiteboard horsey and I captured you so knightly, cradling your face, acting ever so polity, and I’d give you my all ‘cus you were Abrar All’Mighty. So I wait impatiently as you leave her, and I admit unashamedly that I have occasionally been in relationships where I have treated them unfaithfully, but here we are and we met through some wanky work agency. But I would change for you as I accepted the job vacancy, and I’d happily go on by treating you faithfully, so we can kiss elegantly whilst reading my poetry. However, id continue to interpret him ever so mistakenly. He would hush me as we would gaze into each other’s eyes and kiss passionately and endlessly. He was a liar and a cheat, and every time I said her name he would raise his fist as if to beat, and he made out that being with him was some kind of treat, I admit defeat, I lost myself, falling at his feet telling myself that I was complete. We always had to be discreet, especially on the mains streets, I was living in his circle of lies, I was fully hypnotised.

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