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In love with the people

My heart races at the extreme, brave diversity. My heart flutters and skips a beat when I think of the cracked, dusty faces. Or the fresh, brilliant, white flushed over brown skin of the elegant beauties. Little people, blossoming into big people, with a heavy shield and wide set armour, growing into strong, incredible humans, staying strong, working hard, defending harder. My head spins at the insane sights all around me, enveloping me, and is slowly digested by my consistently inquisitive brain. It explodes inside of me, sometimes taking days to develop, sometimes developing into pure shock, happiness, sadness, and sometimes developing into bewildering amazement. Questioning my ability to inhale all what's around me, this current world I live in, trying deeply to understand it all. I'm half way across the world from my supposed ‘home’, but I feel so much further, how is this on the same level, on the same scale? How is this from the same earth? Their brilliantness amazes me, all day every day, every month, turning my gluttonous mind inside out, and slamming all my worldly desires to the ground to get trodden all over, left to rot on the ground all around me. This is hard, harder than I ever imagined, but when you see missing limbs on multiple bodies, speckled skins that burn and grow under the scorching sun, young without their old, animal sacrifices outside temple door and on the streets in the name of religion, buildings and houses crumbling like a biscuit, the rich staying rich, the poor always fighting, the unfairness of it all yet also the increase of help, how on earth could you possibly turn a blind eye to it all? How could you continue thinking about your own life, your own world in which you were born it? This, all of this, it consumes me whole. These people, I adore these people, and I wake and sleep constantly thinking how I love them all. How brave, just how brave they all are. Just how utterly amazing. I am so in love.

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