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What is life? Am i really alive? Am I living life right? What is a right life? Where am i? Who am i? Who am i to others? What do people think of me? Why do i always want other peoples lives? How far away is real happiness? Do i need happiness or sanity? How do i keep my head straight? Will I always be unwell? Will I always struggle? What are real friends? Do I have any? How do you manage real friendships? Who would my ideal soulmate be, what would they look like? Would it just be an imprint, an impersonation of someone else? Am I unique? Or am I just a copy of someone else? Should I be drawing every day? What should I be doing everyday? Do I have enough time for everything? Am I too lazy? Do I know anything at all? Why can’t I make more room for my spirituality? Why am I so lazy but so stressed? Will anyone really love me, flaws and all? Why is everything so confusing? Where is my future? Where is my mum? Why does my sanity have a time limit? Why can’t I do anything in the evenings? Why aren’t I using my art room? Why does my head feel so full? What's happening to me right now?

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