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J.E.N.N.Y, I wear you round my neck and people are asking me why. I tell them about the story of you and I, travel talk, henna, and drawing as the days go by. In Bristol, Plymouth too, I wish I could have been more places with you. The last time we shared a wine, Christmas Eve one year ago as we said Goodbye. On the plane back to Spain, I expected you by my side until that day. Yes that day, that you went away. I wish you had more of a choice, one last chance to hear your voice. You now sit in my locket, everywhere I go. You sit in a see-through circle with a little silver heart. And I, scatter you, around the world when I can. You're living in the oceans now, living in the roots of the trees, living in the air that I breath. You are, still, Living In The World.

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