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Mike, what is Spanish for 'Fuck you'?

I didn't think we were fading We were madly in love You told me often We were going to marry We were going to have children But all of a sudden, you don't want me around much So I start to wonder The new girl started and you spoke highly of her I read your messages while you slept You two seemed close One night, one party, I was again, not invited to, and I wake up alone Where are you? Where is he? I ask around, I search for you And you come through the door as you'd heard I'd been calling, with marks on your neck that told the story With a 'hey baby', I start to scream You look at the floor with your bottom lip out I go to our room and throw your shit out Flying from the 3rd story, floating in the air. Watching your clothes land on the ground I kick, I scream, I slap you across the face You grab my body, and I kick more You hand over your keys and I see you leave with the rest of your belongings I never see you again Even now, I think about you You're heartless because you didnt said sorry You're a coward because you didn't reply You're at a loss because you missed out. I hold and embrace the sores, I learn from them. I sometimes swim in them, I sometimes drown. But you taught me what a bad lover was Now, with the love I hold in my arms, I know what a good love is And I have that. I have him So, I thank you

From the bottom of my heart, thank you

And, fuck you.

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